Powered by 3D Computer Vision Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics provides manufacturers with fully automated visual inspection solutions that consistently find defects that are often missed by human inspectors, while providing powerful insights that help boost quality and operational efficiency.

"Our system can be trained by a non-expert to inspect almost any product in just few hours, and…the longer it works the smarter it gets"

Hanan Gino, CEO

Customers Testimonials

".. KITOV solves the human inability to detect visual defects in complicated sub-assemblies. This maximizes the quality and reliability of our products according to our customers requirements."
Shlomi A.
Rafael LTD.
".. Kitov is the first automated inspection solution we have seen which has the potential to solve our inspection challenges in a flexible, reusable platform that can adapted to the dynamic nature of our business.."
John Dulchinos
Vice President, Digital Manufacturing, Jabil
"KITOV Systems allows us to find ground breaking solutions for some of our challenging inspection tasks"
Ofer Ricklis
VP Global Automation Flex Inc.
"KITOV systems allow us to meet the stringent quality and reliability requirements of our customers.”
Shaul Galila
VP Operations Mellanox Inc.
about us


Our advanced technology assists manufacturers in various industries to adopt to the 4th wave of industrial transformation by using the power of 3D computer vision algorithms, big data analytics and machine learning.

We develop fully automated visual inspection solutions for a broad range of production lines and markets where quality matters. Our current focus is on high-end electronics manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, defense, and aerospace industries.

Our systems have been successfully deployed by Tier 1 customers in Europe, China, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Japan, and Israel.

Our smart inspection planning help manufacturers improve quality and save costs by eliminating the release of faulty products from the production floor. Using big data analytics, our systems reduce the overall rate of defects by proactively identifying and effectively addressing quality-related trends discovered in the production process or in product design.

We offer our customers ultimate flexibility in deploying our technology for a variety of products and models, by featuring a unique and intuitive user interface that supports rapid and easy creation of new inspection plans. Setting up the system can be done in just few hours by the an operator with no programming skills or knowledge of robotics or optics.

Kitov Value Proposition


Superior Detection

High Accuracy
and repeatability


Fast and Intuitive Setup

By non-experts
in just a few hours


Self Learning

improving detection and quality


Industry 4.0 Ready

Fully Automated
& Integrated


Kitov is proud to introduce Kitov-CorePlus – a first-of-its-kind Smart 3D and Universal System for fully automated visual inspection.

Leveraging advanced 3D computer vision and deep-learning algorithms, Kitov-CorePlus consistently achieves unprecedented levels of detection, while handling complex 3D structures, numerous materials and growing variance in production processes.

Kitov-CorePlus is an end-to-end inspection solution, featuring a unique software powered by Kitov’s 3D detection algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. Kitov-CorePlus includes an innovative user interface that allows non-experts to create a new inspection plan for a new product in just a few hours.  

Kitov also offers add-on options, such as KITOV SMART PLANNER and KITOV REVIEW STATION, which help to further enhance your operational efficiency.

Our Technology

Our “secret sauce” is the ability to master and leverage four technological disciplines to create a powerful, end-to-end solution.

Kitov harnesses 3D Computer Vision Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, such as machine learning and deep learning, to reliably and consistently detect and classify critical defects without human intervention.

We use 3D Computer Vision Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence such as machine learning and deep learning in order to reliably and consistently catch and classify critical defects

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