AI Machine Vision Software Is at the Heart of’s Products

AI Machine Vision Software Is at the Heart of’s Products

Easy Engineering magazine recently profiled as part of its “Behind the Machine” series, which takes a look at tech companies and their best-selling products.

At, our team develops fully automated systems that help manufacturers improve quality and efficiency for digital transformation in the Industry 4.0 world. AI machine vision software is at the heart of our R&D efforts.

Driven by a passion for technology and quality, develops solutions that leverage cutting-edge computer vision and AI capabilities, including deep learning, advanced robotics, and big data analytics. Poor quality is a common enemy, and we are helping companies build better products more efficiently.

At the center of’s product line is the patented, AI-based Planner Software, which allows easy programming of inspection plans via built-in wizards that handle all planning for camera position, illumination, and robotic path. No programming experience required!

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