Combines  3D coverage, Intelligent Robotic planner and Deep Learning for KITOV Smart Visual Inspection Solutions Combines 3D coverage, Intelligent Robotic planner and Deep Learning for KITOV Smart Visual Inspection Solutions

DUBLIN, Calif. — January 27, 2021 — Israeli-based smart visual inspection company Kitov.aiintroduces its Kitov-CorePlus inspection system to North America. A novel, hybrid approach combining 3D image acquisition and classic vision technology with deep learning image processing technologies, the system is trainable to inspect virtually any product without the need for expertise in vision programming, robotics, or optics, all while boosting overall quality and driving ROI.

“Many OEMs currently use automation and quality assurance systems, but leveraging these traditional machine vision technologies, customized for a specific product may not be possible when dealing with highly variable, multicomponent products, for example,” says Kitov’s Corey Merchant, Vice President, Americas. “Kitov-CorePlus allows manufacturers to easily deploy a trainable system that leverages both deep learning and traditional machine vision techniques to inspect any type of product.”

Setting up a new inspection plan for a product is simple and intuitive and begins with either a CAD file or a full 3D scan of a reference part. The Kitov system then generates a 3D model, a digital twin of the physical product.’s system uses a camera with multiple lighting elements to capture multiple images and cope with different types of material and shapes. Based on spatial data collected by the camera, Kitov-CorePlus software automatically dictates camera position, robot arm movement, and rotating table for an optimal inspection plan.

Kitov also provides optional software tools to support the production process including the Kitov Smart Planner, Kitov Review Station, and Kitov Analytics. The Kitov Smart Planner enables preparation of new inspection plans offline. The Kitov Review Station supports the flow of faulty products and provides a remote inspection review tool from a central location. Kitov Analytics meanwhile, collects data on inspection results, images of defects as well as defect-free products for post-inspection analysis, identifying trends and providing quality insights.

Kitov-CorePlus can be deployed into disparate inspection applications in various markets, including high-end electronics, automotive, defense & aerospace, and medical devices.

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