Kitov is in Quality Magazine!

Kitov is in Quality Magazine!

The Hybrid Approach

Combining the best of traditional machine vision and deep learning.

Hanan Gino (CEO,

Hybrid Approach

A single visual inspection process that combines 3D automated inspection filtered with deep learning software enables hundreds of inspections per assembled product, including but not limited to: surface inspection of all 6 sides for scratches, dents, etc., silkscreen and PAD printing quality, edge inspection—sharp and clean without any defects, light-pipe indicators quality and existence, screw quality and existence, label location, edges and print quality, and communication port housing and pin defects (up to 48 ports) among other inspection regions.

The Real Cost Of Poor Quality

This table lists some typical values for Cost of Poor Quality in the manufacturing industry.

Mastering Unlimited Product Variations

Bent pins inside computer I/O ports are one of the most common reasons for defective electronic products to be returned to the manufacturer. However, inspecting fine wires at the bottom of cavities with reliability and accuracy requires a 3D inspection system, often with additional capabilities such as deep learning defect analysis. This programming interface begins with the system designer loading a CAD file (shown here), or “golden part” image. The designer can then draw regions of interest around important inspection points. Advanced hybrid inspection solutions evaluate each region on the product to determine the right combination of traditional and deep learning algorithms for inspecting each region. Source: Kitov

The Power Of AI & Deep Learning

The defects are from inspection of Wheel/RIM from Automotive. The two defects are compared to a picture of same area of a golden, defect-free product (Marked in green).
On the left side, you can see scratches on the side wall of the wheel. On the right side you can see dent on the edge of the wheel, which is difficult to find by other inspection solutions.

A Hybrid Approach To Deep Learning Inspection

Hybrid Deep Learning Eliminates Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Waste!

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