Kitov-CorePlus is the first-of-its-kind Smart 3D, Universal System that can effectively inspect virtually any product.

Leveraging advanced 3D computer vision and deep-learning algorithms, Kitov-CorePlus achieves unprecedented levels of detection, eliminating the tedious work and inconsistent results associated with manual inspection. KITOV supports complex 3D structures, numerous materials, and complete inspection specifications.

Learn how the Kitov-CorePlus system works, and how the system succeeded where a traditional machine vision system failed in this white paper.


3D Surfaces of various materials, labels, screws, connector, ports, silk prints, gaps, components presence and alignment

OCR (reads and verifies text quality), Barcode (1D/2D codes)

Using intuitive GUI, no prior  knowledge in programming, optics or robotics required

Open interfaces with any QMS/MES system, seamless integration with automation

Depends on inspected product dimensions and inspection requirements (typically few seconds to few minutes)



By imitating human learning processes, Kitov-CorePlus features an intuitive method to teach the system how to optimally inspect almost any product.  Setting up the system does not require programming skills or knowledge of robotics or optics. Kitov-CorePlus software computes and controls the processes of image acquisition and image processing by using pre-set algorithms called detectors. Artificial intelligence capabilities are used to find and classify defects.


Automatically transforms semantic test requirements to optimal 3D inspection plans

“We have developed artificial intelligence (AI) systems for advanced manufacturing that can be intuitively trained within a few hours by a non-expert to automatically plan and perform sophisticated visual inspection tasks on complex 3D products at the highest performance levels.”

Dr. Yossi Rubner, CTO and Founder of

Setting up a new inspection  plan for a new product or model is quick and intuitive. First, a full 3D scan is performed on a reference part to generate a digitized 3D model (“Kitov digital twin”).

This can be enhanced by feeding the Kitov-CorePlus System with available CAD inputs. Then, by using this model the system is introduced with the inspection requirements by using a simple and intuitive manner. Finally, the system scans at least one “defect free” product to serve as a “golden reference”. Based on the above mentioned inputs the Kitov-CorePlus Software shall decide which images to collect (position, angle, illumination), how many images are required and how to effectively collect them. Moving of the optical head, robotic arm and rotating table is set and optimized by the Kitov-CorePlus software. 



We are proud to introduce Kitov-CorePlus, a first-of-its-kind Smart 3D and Universal System for fully automated visual inspection.

Kitov also offers add-on options, such as KITOV SMART PLANNNER and KITOV REVIEW STATION, which help to further enhance your operational efficiency.

Kitov Smart Planner

Kitov Smart Planner is a visual inspection system that can be intuitively trained by a non-expert to inspect new products in record time. 

Kitov Smart Planner allows the planner to remotely fine-tune a new inspection plan away from the production line and with no interruption of the inspection process. 

After the planner completes initial planning and modeling of the new product using the Kitov-CorePlus system, the inspection plan can be transferred to the Kitov Smart Planner through the factory communication network. 

Detailed fine-tuning of the inspection plan can be performed by the planner using the Kitov Smart Planner. This may comprise up to 60% of all planning activity. Once the detailed inspection plan is fully developed and compiled, it can be transferred back to the Kitov-CorePlus designated system and is then ready for use in inspection.

Kitov Review Station

Kitov-CorePlus features superior detection capabilities. All inspection results of failed products are transferred to the Kitov Review Station (from one or multiple Kitov-CorePlus Systems) while Kitov-CorePlus continues with the inspection process.

Once the faulty product is identified at the review station (in most cases by scanning the SN or barcode), the defects will appear on the Kitov Review Station for evaluation. A human operator may review the defects and decide whether the product should be scrapped, repaired, reworked or passed through.

Kitov Review Station is designed to support these evaluations on a dedicated or central review section.

Kitov Review Station can be integrated in a fully automated environment or where multiple Kitov-CorePlus systems are in use.

After completion, review results are transmitted through the factory communication network to the factory QMS/MES systems.

Maximize system Utilization

Enhance Smart Manufacturing

Scale Up Production


Kitov-CorePlus collects a gold mine of data including inspection results and images of defects (and defect free products). 

By using dashboards and Big Data Analytics, Kitov-CorePlus helps manufacturers to identify trends and proactively attend to quality issues early on. By providing powerful insights about the manufacturing process and product design, the system supports root cause analysis and elimination of defects. 

Kitov-CorePlus enables manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs to get smarter about their product quality and leverage data to reduce costs, improve quality and operational efficiency. By streamlining quality control, Kitov-CorePlus also helps manufacturers bring new products to the market in the fastest and most efficient manner.

By using dashboards and Big Data Analytics Kitov helps manufacturers to identify trends and proactively attend to quality issues early on and by providing powerful insights about manufacturing process and product design can support root cause analysis and elimination of defects.

Kitov-CorePlus enable manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs to get smarter about their product quality and leverage data in order to get ahead in their game: reduce costs, improve quality and operational efficiency and introduce new product to the market in a fast and efficient fashion.

“Kitov-CorePlus has helped us to boost our quality by 25%!”

Dr. Yaron Pilie, Rafael

Kitov-CorePlus is Industry 4.0 Ready