PRODUCTS Systems for Smart Inspection Planning’s hybrid vision systems combine the best of machine vision techniques — including automated lighting control — with deep learning, 2D/3D imaging, and intelligent robotic planning, all in one platform.

Our newest Kitov-CorePlus offers a variety of sizes and in-line or batch configuration options, while our Smart Planner software with CAD2SCAN makes it simple to program a machine vision solution starting with QIF data embedded in CAD files. If CAD files are not available, Smart Planner can create its own 3D model using 3D imaging. Finally, uses the power of artificial intelligence/deep learning (AI/DL) defect classification with our semantic detectors to create the machine vision inspection routine and robot path programming that best enhances the inspection accuracy of our 2D/3D machine vision solutions.

Once your machine vision solution is deployed, the Kitov Review Station lets engineers and management alike examine inspection results, including real-time operations, from any computer.

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“We have developed artificial intelligence (AI) systems for advanced manufacturing that can be intuitively trained within a few hours by a non-expert to automatically plan and perform sophisticated visual inspection tasks on complex 3D products at the highest performance levels.”

Dr. Yossi Rubner, CTO and Founder of

Maximize system Utilization

Enhance Smart Manufacturing

Scale Up Production

“Kitov-CorePlus has helped us to boost our quality by 25%!”

Dr. Yaron Pilie, Rafael