Kitov CAD2SCAN software significantly simplifies setup of robotic vision inspection systems using CAD-based automated inspection planning. CAD2SCAN is the latest feature of the Kitov Smart Planner. By combining CAD2SCAN with the Kitov Smart Planner, customers can automate inspection solutions that are too difficult and time consuming to manually program and deploy. Particularly useful for parts with complex geometries, CAD2SCAN allows quality managers to define their inspection requirements directly on the part CAD model, saving weeks or even months compared to manual programming.

CAD2SCAN automatically extracts the specific geometric and semantic information for eachinspection requirement marked on the CAD. This information is passed on to the relevantsemantic detectors performing the inspection tasks. In addition to built-in semantic detectorssuch as surface detector, label detector, screw detector, and existence detector,’s opensoftware platform allows easy integration of third-partydetectors that benefit from the planningand reporting services provided by the platform.

Automatic CAD-based inspection planning is a game changer for industries that manufacture complex parts and products. For example, CAD2SCAN technology improves the inspection of single-material parts with complex 3D geometric shapes, such as turbine engines, blades, wheels, and metal molding; CNC parts, which are hard and time consuming to manually inspect; and custom-made or other low-volume parts (such as medical implants or 3D-printed parts), which are neither easy nor economical to inspect using automation.

CAD2SCAN technology is implemented as a plugin to common CAD software systems (currently available for SolidWorks and Creo). It also supports the evolving QIF (quality information framework) ISO standard and can parse visual inspection requirements embedded into it.

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