Kitov-CorePlus: Take Smart Inspection Further Than Ever Before

The Kitov-CorePlus line of stand-alone vision systems can now scan larger part sizes in both offline and in-line configurations, providing OEMs with additional flexibility for inspecting products of all types in any production environment. Our CorePlus line of stand-alone vision systems combine deep learning, 2D/3D imaging, novel algorithms called Semantic Detectors, and intelligent robotic planning technologies in a single, fully integrated solution that cuts programming and deployment time from months to days for most applications.

The CorePlus system can scan products up to 400 mm high and 1130 mm in diameter. The CorePlus system with turntable product handling option features a 856 mm x 1158 mm system footprint. Designed for integration onto a conveyor line, Kitov Inline scans products up to 1150 mm in diameter with a 1900 mm x 1380 mm system footprint.

All products offer a choice of optical head: a 25 mm lens with 82 mm x 68 mm and resolution of 2448 mm x 2048 mm or a 50 mm lens with 41 mm x 34 mm field of view and a resolution of 2448 mm x 2048 mm.

With’s hybrid deep learning systems, operators set up a new inspection plan using our Smart Planner with CAD2SCAN software, which automatically includes production tolerance values contained in CAD/QIF files. Alternatively, our system can capture a full 3D scan of a reference part and generate a 3D digital twin model of the physical product.

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Kitov Inline
Scanned Product Size
up to 800 mm in diameter
400 mm high
up to 1130 mm in diameter
400 mm high
up to 1150 mm in diameter
400 mm high
Material Handling Solution
over-production-line conveyor, cart, or table
automation plug-in readiness
Protective Cell Size (mm)¹
2490 x 1660²
1550 x 1610
1550 x 1610
System Footprint Dimensions (mm)
856 x 690
856 x 1158
1900 x 1380

¹ Cell size is subject to manufacturing constraints and safety regulations. Dimensions are for reference only.
² Cell size might be considerably smaller, depending on implementation and product size.

Optical Head Options
25 mm Lens
Field of View
82 mm X 68 mm
Minimal Defect Size
100 µm
50 mm Lens
Image Capture Size
41 mm x 34 mm
Minimal Defect Size
50 µm