Kitov Review Station Keeps Everyone Online From Any Location

The Kitov Review Station tool enables you to review scan results from one or multiple Kitov-CorePlus systems to ensure that your production system continues to scan parts uninterruptedly. Scan results can be filtered by date range, system ID, user ID, inspection plan, or status (PASS or FAIL).

Review Station is an edge-deployment solution for hybrid AI/DL systems that eliminates security concerns that come with uploading production data to a third-party cloud. With the ability to access, control, and review operations across an unlimited number of Kitov-CorePlus inspection nodes, Kitov Review Station is a key component of the Kitov-CorePlus in-line run-time solution.

The Kitov Review Station tool enables operators to view all defects Kitov-CorePlus finds and indicates the location of a defect on the product’s 3D image representation.

When connected to the factory manufacturing execution system (MES) system, the Kitov Review Stationfeeds the scan information directly to the MES system with the operator’s comment on each defect (Fix, Approved, or Rework) for further processing.

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